Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Added some content---at last!

It's not much, but I have finally gotten around to pulling a couple of the most popular articles from my old site and posting them here. You can access my Informal Fallacy Primer (the most popular item on my old site) and a couple other whitepapers and opinion pieces I've drafted by selecting "White Papers" under "Pages." I also have a relatively current version of my English CV posted, and I'm going to add links (or copies, where originals are unavailable) to some of my (non-academic) published work soon.

Friday, September 14, 2012


I launched this blog because technical difficulties (with my bank, not with my former hosting company) forced me to close my previous site, A Contrario. Unfortunately, I am a bit busy working on a series of papers at the moment, but once they are submitted, I will hopefully have the time to begin working on this blog. My intention is to post information related to my research, including background information such as my CV, research interests, and publications.  If I find the time, I will also post interesting items that I find, research notes, and ideas that I don't have the time to turn into full-fledged publications. For now, I recommend the LinkRoll or the BlogRoll.